Mobile Vocational Training

The Current Situation

  • Especially in remote areas vocational training organisations do not exist!
  • The large companies are overstrained by the setup of a strong education system.
  • The small and micro firms are not capable to perform any kind of training
  • Trainers and teachers are not available in the country, at least not in the remote areas.
  • The fluctuation of employees in the developing countries is very high due to the uncertainty of the entire non employment situation.

Vocational training is an urgent need for the future labour market.


The HELOG Concept

For many reasons it is not possible to mobilize the people from their living environment to temporarily transferring them to larger training facilities.

In addition, this is causing costs no one is ready to pay for, i.e. accommodation, catering, transport.

HELOG has developed a concept to perform qualified training near people’s future work sites. It’s HELOG’s contribution to these circumstances – the development of a job profile which gives the participants a chance to generate income for their families.

With the knowledge gained in our courses they are prepared for employment as welcomed qualified workers in the mines and energy, industry working, in small enterprises, in various business areas or becoming self-employed persons

The training period depend on the local circumstances, the type of training and the skill level of the participants.

HELOG offers this mobile concept to training partners including:

  • Curriculum
  • Suitable vehicle with rigid box
  • List of training equipment
  • List of tools
  • Organisational concept
  • Commercial concept
  • Monitoring and supervision