Flashlight #22 – Workshop at the renovated HELOG Academy Training facility at Tomato Camp/Gbarnga

Dear valuable Reader,

after many outpost trainings with farmers in the villages in the past 2 years, HELOG has now for the first time after the pandemic held a workshop where farmers, trainers and representatives of the aid organizations and local politicians were invited. The event took place in the recently renovated training buildings of MedLife – HELOG Academy in Tomato Camp north of Gbarnga. Express praise was expressed by the participants for the renovated training facilities and HELOG in particular was asked to further expand them.

The goal of this level II course is to:

  1. Provide advanced training in power tiller operation,
  2. Prepared farmers to contact routine power to the maintenance and repairs. This practically field and workshop based training is linked to MedLife Liberia and HELOG Academy program to help farmers transition from subsistence to commercial farming aimed  at promoting food security in West Africa.

This training consisted of five modules

Module 1:  Managing commercial agriculture is a business enterprise

module 2: Parts of the power and their uses.

Module 3:  How to operate the power tiller

module 4:  Problem shooting guide for field repairs

Module 5: How to maintain, repair and service the power tiller

Learning approach:  ‚Learning by doing‘

Follow up continuous learning. Integrating training and production means that farmers will continue learning to add value, maintain quality standards and enabled commercial rice production in West Africa.

We at HELOG believe that using machines to farm is critical to Pioneer in business and human development through self-reliance to achieve food security in a sustainable way.

Flashlight #21 – Further expansion of the Training Center

Dear valuable Reader,

since the planned work on the training ground could not be continued to the extent due to restrictive Corona measures in the past, various works were finally made up for in a week of action. For example, the training hall was completely renovated and repainted. Also the outside walls of the entire building got a new colour, the area was debris and largely freed from garbage. Unfortunately, water supply could not be completed yet because there were unexpected problems with the construction of the water tower. The well itself is ready and water can already be taken. The solar-powered water pump has also been postponed because in the meantime the decision has been made to install a mini grid PV system with about 60 solar panels and a solar power of 12 KWp. We have submitted applications for funding accordingly. This also has to do with the decision to expand Tomato Camp into an Agriculture Innovation Center. This includes the extension to a training center for specialists in food production. We will report about it in one of the next issues.


Flashlight #20 – Training for rice farmers successfully started


Dear valuable Reader,

despite the significant restrictions imposed by Corona, there is also good news from our operations in Liberia. Our organization continues to be heavily involved in the GIZ/MedLife Covid-19 program with consulting services and hands-on training. A comprehensive but workable approach has been established and much progress has already been made in implementation. Training and awareness campaigns are in full swing. HELOG Academy contributes significantly to this success with consulting but also with logistic services and support of the overall organization.
Furthermore, the training program for rice farmers has started successfully and especially in the remote areas we have already been able to implement many of the planned measures. We would like to refer you to the Medlife website for further information. https://www.medlife-liberia.com

The new training center in Tomato Camp, Gbanga Region, we already reported about, has also started its operation although some work on the equipment and installation is still necessary.
HELOG Academy e.V. has provided the entire electrical installation, the building paints as well as a powerful water supply by means of a solar powered water pump incl. reservoir.

Stay healthy, we are looking forward to provide you with news soon.