Flashlight #19 – Mastering Corona

Dear valuable Reader,

this time, unfortunately, we have to inform you about an extremely unpleasant event. During the Corona Lockdown our school was only sporadically occupied and was supervised by former teachers. Unfortunately, criminal elements used this time to break into the school building and steal most of our equipment. A partner of our school who happened to be passing by was just able to prevent the 40 foot container filled with equipment from being loaded as well. The police were immediately called in to investigate further. Until today only a small part of the equipment could be found. Of course this means a setback for us and we will need some time to offer new courses on this site.
Fortunately, despite the Corona restrictions the training programs in Tomato Camp at MedLife Liberia is going on so that at least this project can be continued successfully. The new school building is almost finished and the lessons can already be held there.


It goes without saying that the corona safety precautions are strictly adhered to, which of course leads to considerably higher costs and efforts.Nevertheless, the safety of our employees and our partners is our top priority. The precautionary measures and procedures we have developed have proven themselves. Of  course we are constantly striving to improve protection and safety.

We wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy!


New building for training and maintenance

The new farm building of MedLife Ltd. will be finished soon. This building will house a meeting room, a large workshop, a threshing hall, rooms for spare parts and equipment, an office, and modern sanitary facilities for visitors, course participants and employees. It is important for HELOG to have a large workshop where all the technical equipment can be stored and where the training of the farmers on the machines and technical equipment can be carried out optimally. The start of the training course is planned for April. By then the building should be completely finished. Only the solar pump water supply will be completed in May, because the well has to be built before. The water supply is planned for a large volume (3000 ltr./day) to supply the company building, water for the nursery and drinking water for the local population. The entire sanitary facilities as well as the solar pump system were supplied by HELOG and will be installed by HELOG technicians. Unfortunately, the corona situation makes this task very difficult for us. But we are optimistic and hope that we will be able to do it in time with a lot of improvisation talent.



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