The German Dual System


A key to future: Germany’s dual vocational training system

A modern economy is not imaginable without an efficient educational system. Germany has such an educational system which brilliantly combines theory and practice. The education in a company and in a vocational school means the transmission of demand-based expert knowledge and occupational experience. Thus, capability is emphasized and expertise is assured through a rigorous program of learning.

Within the scope of their apprenticeship, the graduates will be educated according to the principle of the dual system. Dual means an interacting/harmonizing system of qualification in the company and in the vocational school. The practical training takes place in the company. And the vocational school takes care of the theoretical schooling offered by HELOG Academy or their training partners.

At the end of an apprenticeship, there is the final examination as a control of success and certifies the occupational qualification of skilled personnel.

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