Solar Competence

HELOG Academy Liberia will be boosting the good future of Renewable Energy in Liberia.

Access to renewable, cheap and sustainable energies especially for households is a challenge for developing countries. HELOG Academy started to gain competence in renewable energy systems in general but focused on the training of craftsmen and engineers to install, maintain and service those systems.

HELOG Academy Liberia is pleased to sign an MOU with Mercy Corps, a Humanitarian International NGO in Liberia. The Renewable Energy Light up Liberia collaborative project will last till 2019. HELOG will develop the renewable energy curriculum together with Mercy Corps from start to finish. This curriculum will be used for national purpose on future Renewable energy project. We are proud to be part of a process for national development especially providing instructors for the Trainers of Trainers, making sure that the renewable Energy be a standalone program at our Academy and help in the renewable Energy development by providing a representative for the curriculum development along with BWI, a state owned TVET institution. Lighting up Liberia especially the rural communities will be prioritized.