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Conference in Leipzig, Post Ebola Liberia, June 15, 2016

The chairman of HELOG Academy, Wolfgang Zagel and the General Manager Andrea Burg attended this conference which has been organized by the Honorary Consul Michael Kölsch and the Chamber of Commerce Leipzig.
In his speech, Wolfgang Zagel took the opportunity to point out the importance of vocational training in Liberia not just because of the post Ebola period. Under the headline: “Vocational training – No time to wait – No time to postpone” he expressed his concerns that every year a new generation of young people leaves the high schools and rush to the labor market, in addition to this, over 2 million young people, within the age up to 30 are already unemployed. This could cause a critical effect to the
political stability of the nation.
He urged that there is no time to wait, there is no time to postpone, and there is even no time to discuss and to develop long reports about this serious situation. A quick coordinated action is necessary to fill this large gap in vocational education. The government is promoting foreign investment. But any investment requires an educated workforce. Mr. Zagel presented a simple formula:

No education – No investment – No investment – No economic growth

HELOG rely on the responsibility of the private industry, not only to their corporate social responsibility commitment but also to their purely economic interests. HELOG is the initiator of a vocational education pact with the industry, the HELOG Academy pact. The cooperation with the private sector will enable the Academy a sustainable future and provide to the industry educated future employees. He expressed that the mission of HELOG is not just to provide vocational training concepts; it is also a strong contribution for the future economic success of the country.

Klick here >> for an abstract of the speech manuscript  Conference in Leipzig excerpt of the speech delivered by W Zagel_1

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