HELOG Academy e.V. has suppported HELOG Academy Liberia to launch this unique initiative:


In 2017 HELOG has started an unique project to strengthen the vocational education in Liberia. The „HELOG Academy Pact“. It is the first private initiative with the challenge to combine the stakeholders in vocational training to the benefit of the youth of Liberia. With its roots in Germany HELOG Academy is copying elements of the successful German Dual system where the state vocational schools and the companies going hand-in-hand to provide a high level education to the trainees.

The aim of the Pact is to form a close collaboration between the private sector, the Government and the Vocational School. It is fantastic to realize how the different stakeholders in this Pact benefit from each other.

HELOG Academy with its experience in vocational training and with its modern school facilities is ready to take over the role of the mediator between the private sector, the ministries and the youth.

But the winners are the trainees. Due to the close relationship of the school with the future employers the students are absorbed from the job market as soon as they graduate in their training.

This unique initiative is also a strong factor for the sustainability of the school and their activities.

As long the private sector sustain also the school will sustain!

As a consulting partner, HELOG will always push to forge such a pact with business and industry when training in any country.

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