Vision & Mission

Today’s challenges

Africa has at all times radiated a very special fascination. The wide diversity of its landscapes and cultures, the rich flora and fauna enthrals not only tourists. In addition to its natural recourses however, Africa has an economic potential recognized and utilized by only a few to date, but interest is increasing significantly.

Though, Africa also has its problematic side.

Apart from corruption, problems with the infrastructure or poorly organized authorities, diseases, hunger, genocide, refugees and others huge deficits in education, especially in vocational training have emerged.  All those difficulties will – depending on the country – persist in the next years.

HELOG’s goal is to address these deficits in vocational training and to provide answers with new training systems in order to contribute on how to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

Based on his broad competence HELOG is offering the know-how in training courses in various disciplines. We support our partners in vocational training especially in developing countries to improve the knowledge and skill set of the local people.

Today HELOG’s activities on the African Continent are focussed special in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

With over 30 years’ experience in many African countries HELOG has accumulated a large treasure trove of experience. Experience with the environment, with governments, organizations, NGO’s, and even more important.

Corporate social responsibility is always the headline on all endeavours initiated by HELOG. It speaks for itself that HELOG is promoting doing business in Africa.