Flashlight #17 – New project assignment for HELOG Academy

Dear valuable Reader,

we want you to introduce to our news:

New project assignment for HELOG Academy

As we already mentioned in the previous flashlight HELOG Academy has received an interesting assignment from Liberia-based MedLife Limited that will last for over two years.

MedLifeLiberia Ltd., founded in 2013, has become a reputable rice producer in Liberia and is currently cultivating 150 hectares rice of farmland at four different sites in Bong County. In addition, MedLifeLiberia Ltd. is also acting as an intermediary, buying rice directly from smallholder farmers in Bong County at farm gate at competitive prices and selling it on the domestic market. MedLifeLiberia Ltd. takes over the transportation of the rice from the farm to the market for its suppliers for free for a limited period of time.

HELOG will handle the entire training component in this project, from training farm workers on modern rice processing machines to training trainers for future farmworkers. We were particularly pleased about the reasons MedLife chose HELOG Academy.

We allow ourselves to quote:

“In this project, MedLife Liberia Ltd. decided to cooperate and partner with HELOG Academy  for several reasons:

  1. HELOG Academy is the sole training facility built on the dual-system based in Liberia and offers high-quality TVET related to industry mechanical and electrical technicians. There is no other such program in the technical vocational landscape. The senior staff of HELOG Academy has over thirty years of work experience in Africa in various capacities, including training in Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Ivory Coast and Liberia.
  2. Unique experience in Liberia: the post conflict environment; coupled with the nagging effects of the Ebola crisis require special sensitivities for specialized training of young adult farmers. The particular skills required to sustain a dual system based vocational education in Liberia are both complex and demand driven.
  3. The training activities are located in Bong County and HELOG Academy trainers are familiar with the country’s context.
  4. HELOG Academy has specialized experience in working with young people and adults with limited English language skills. This experience is necessary and suitable for the target groups.”

Our employees are now enthusiastically preparing the curricula needed, preparing the training material and tools for use. We will inform you about the progress of the measure in the next flashlight.

Coming soon – new outpost Training Center

HELOG intends to open this year an outpost training center in Tomato Camp north of Gbarnga in colloboration with MedLife inc. Liberia. Construction work on the new building is progressing rapidly so that the workshop can be expected to be up and running by the end of the year. In cooperation with MedLife HELOG Academy will also equip this center with modern tools, equipment and machinery. The focus of the training there will be to train farmers and farm workers on modern agricultural machines, especially for the rice production. In the training center the agricultural machines will also be repaired and maintained so that practical work will always be available in addition to theoretical training. Of course we will report seperately about the launch of the operation.