Flashlight #11 – From training towards practical success

From training towards practical success

Dear valuable Reader,

The students of the „Maintenance Engineer“ course just finished a 4 weeks metal processing module where they learned about the different processing techniques using hand tools as well as electrical tools. The highlight in the fourth week was the handcrafting of a manual rice thresher where they could prove what they have learned and how to use these skills in a practical example. While on the first exemplar the teacher gave some pieces of advice, on the second example the students manufactured a fully functioning manual rice thresher by their own!


Foot pedal driven rice thresher


Congratulations to both, the teacher and the students for achieving this goal!
This is a remarkable recognition that the HELOG Academy module based training will be an excellent preparation for their future jobs. This training concept which geared towards building the individual from nonentity into a service provider or entrepreneur is very important not only to train students their chosen career but to show them the reality about working.
So join hands with HELOG ACADEMY today, to help build the resources for the future Liberian workforce.


Proud manufacturer