Flashlight #6 – Article in Bavarian newspaper

Dear valuable Reader,

We are happy to announce that one of the leading newspapers in the state of Bavaria has recently published an article concerning HELOG Academy’s success in implementing elements of the German dual System in Liberia.
Please find the article below.
We apologize that this article comes in German language only but promise that our next newsletter will be fully English again.
We hope that publications like these will generate attention to support groups we cannot reach through our E-Mail and Webpage. It is important to us that the Civil Society is aware of the existence of institutes like ours combining private initiatives as an NGO with the effectiveness of the partners from a business environment. In times where immigration faces overwhelming issues, training of the young generation in developing countries should not remain just as a promise. We do our utmost to meet these challenges and have taken action to implement high standards in technical vocational training in Liberia.

To read the article, click the image